How to Renew an Insurance License

Need to renew your insurance license?  As a multiple state licensing and renewal provider, Sircon offers online licensing renewal services that allows you to electronically submit renewal applications to each state you need to renew.

Step 1

Visit, and click on “Learn more about our products for agents” located in the red “Individual Agents” box.Sircon Online


Click on the link “Renew your license” on the left side of the page located under the Quick Links renewal


Next, click on “Individual” to renew an individual insurance license or “Firm” to renew an insurance license for a firm or business.license renewal


If you are licensed in multiple states, it is recommended to click on “All Available  States.” The Sircon database will search all states in which your license is up for renewal to acknowledge which states you need to renewal


Next, click on your Resident State from the list of application


Step 2

Select the state you want to renew, enter your Social Security number, select your resident state again, and enter your resident license number.  Then click “Continue.”Sircon Services


For your convenience, Sircon automatically verifies your resident licensing records by accessing the NAIC producer database.  It may take a few moments to verify your information.

“Your resident licensing records are automatically verified by accessing the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Producer Database (PDB)”

license application

Step 3

All states that are ready for renewal will be displayed to allow you to select and renew multiple states at once.  You can select as many or as few as you wish to renew.  Add a check mark next to “Renew” in the appropriate state “Action” boxes.Sircon application


After selecting the appropriate renewal states, the next screen will display a summary of your intended actions, along with each state’s renewal fees.Sircon renewal


Next, you can update your contact information if changes are licensing


Then, answer the license renewal questions for all renewal states.  Once finished, click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.

insurance renewal


Step 4

Read and agree to the “Attestation for the Uniform Application for…” your desired renewal states.  At the bottom of the page, insert the check mark in the “Agree” box.renewal online


You will be provided with a summary of the states’ renewal fees for which you are renewing.  After reviewing, click “Process” at the bottom of the licensing


You can now enter your payment information.  Once entered, click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.Sircon Services


You have completed the licensing renewal process!

Your renewal application will now be electronically submitted through Sircon to the appropriate state’s department of insurance on your behalf.


Note: If you do not yet have a subscription, Sircon will offer you a free subscription to the “Producer EDGE” to help manage your future licensing obligations and renewals.Sircon Online


For additional assistance in renewing your insurance license:
Sircon Customer Support

All screen-shot images are courtesy of and copyrighted by Vertafore, Inc.