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Let's review your insurance pre-licensing steps.

Our goal is simple: to prepare you to pass your state life & health insurance exam.

Step 1

Complete your course lessons.

As an introductory insurance pre-licensing training course, prior insurance knowledge is not necessary. Your is designed to be easy to understand and covers all of the topics included on the life & health licensing exam.

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Course Text

Step 2

Test your knowledge.

You may take as many practice exams as you like and review your answers to learn from your mistakes. You can even customize your questions to cover specifc topics that you don't yet fully understand. We randomize questions on each new practice exam so that you never see the same exam twice.

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Create Your Exam

Select the number of questions for each practice exam, choosing from specific topics or the entire course. Also, choose to have your practice exam timed in order to simulate taking your state insurance license exam.

Create Insurance pre-licensing Exam

Step 3

Review your progress.

We keep track of your progress and provide you with an overview of your exam preparation, including the areas of your training that may need additional attention.

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Overall Progress

View your overall progress based on the completion of your insurance pre-licensing course lessons, exam simulators and exam tips page.

Pass Report Overview

Step 4

Learn how to pass your state exam.

Passing the state life & health insurance exam takes more than just knowing the course material. We provide several tips and suggestions on how to take the exam so that you are prepared on exam day. Additional study tips and licensing information is provided through our insurance license blog.

Insurance Exam Tips

Step 5

Schedule your exam & apply for your license.

The final step in your insurance pre-licensing is to schedule your state exam and apply for your license. We provide all of the necessary information and related links to complete these tasks.

View your state's licensing requirements

Insurance Pre-Licensing Requirements

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