4 Reasons To Have Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness InsuranceThese days, people are growing accustomed to a consumer-driven health insurance marketplace. Consumers are also becoming more aware of all the supplemental insurance policy options being offered by employers and agents – allowing individuals and families to customize benefits based on their needs.

There are non-traditional options, like travel and pet insurance, which could be a smart choice for many Americans. And, traditional supplemental policies, such as cancer and critical illness insurance, that can fill the benefit gaps in health coverage and financially protect people when a worst case medical scenario happens.

But, with more insurance options for consumers comes more questions. Take for example, the common question people have about critical illness insurance coverage for serious conditions such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer … “Is it worth the money?”

Of course, to be transparent, as the President of CancerInsurance.com, I would say, “Yes, yes it is.”

And, here are four reasons why it’s important to consider (at the very least) having a critical illness insurance plan that provides a lump-sum cash payout for a policyholder to use however they choose: Read More

5 Reasons to Have Disability Insurance


A common question regarding disability insurance is, “Is there any reason I should buy an individual disability insurance policy?” While the reasoning is not always so straightforward, the answer is, yes, individual disability insurance is a vital component of one’s overall insurance protection.

In most cases, employees are provided with group disability insurance through their employer; however, such plans do not provide for full income loss replacement. Employer group policies typically replace only 60% of an individual’s pre-disability salary, often leaving the employee in need of additional coverage.

The Basics – What Is Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance, also known as DI or disability income insurance provides income replacement in the event that an insured becomes disabled.  Disability insurance includes a variety of different benefits to best meet the needs of sick or injured individuals. Most plans include paid sick leave, short-term disability benefits and long-term disability benefits. Research suggests that a disabling work-related accident occurs on average, once every second – a statistic that proves the worth of having a separate disability insurance plan.

5 Reasons to Have Disability Insurance

No one enjoys paying more for anything than they already have to, especially when it comes to insurance. However, in regards to disability insurance, it really does make sense to take out a separate disability insurance plan. The following five reasons illustrate the importance and benefit of disability insurance: Read More