How to get Insurance Referrals

Insurance Referrals

As a licensed insurance agent, I often asked myself

How do I ensure long-term success in the insurance industry?

Very simple…If you ask for referrals, you will receive them. This may seem simple, but often times it is the least favorite and most forgotten task to accomplish when selling insurance. Some may think that asking for referrals is intrusive or uncomfortable, others have no problem asking, but are quick to blow it off when they hear any version of “no.” Whatever the case, these individuals often times end their insurance careers prematurely because they just can’t find enough customers to keep selling…and therein lies the dilemma with a successful insurance career.

The truth is that asking for referrals is the lifeline to any successful sales career and it should become a natural part of your insurance presentation. Everyone knows someone who needs insurance.

5 Simple ways to get Referrals

1.  Ask before, during, and after your sales presentation…sale or no sale!

As important as sales are, referrals are more important.  It is also common for someone to be thinking of others who can use what they are currently thinking about.  Oftentimes, I had clients offer referrals simply because I was being very informative and helpful and they simply thought of someone else they knew that needed the same service.  Everyone knows someone who has or needs insurance…there is no harm in asking to help others!

2.  Follow up with your clients

A great opportunity to ask for a referral is during the servicing stages of an insurance policy. Servicing the policy starts with policy delivery. Whether you deliver the policy or not, a follow-up phone call is a great opportunity to ask for a referral. Whenever a client contacts you or when the annual renewal notice is mailed to the client you have another great opportunity to follow up by asking for a referral.  Clients already have trust in you at this point and are comfortable recommending others to you as well!

3.  Advertise Yourself

There are several ways to advertise your services including email, website promotion, blogging, and simply handing out business cards. Oftentimes, the personal approach works much better due in large part to the importance of building rapport and trust with an individual.

4.  Purchase Leads

The insurance industry has several ‘leads vendors’ from which you can purchase leads.  Some of the larger insurance lead vendors include:

5.  Use a ‘Transaction-based Referral System’

Here’s an interesting approach to how to get referrals.  David Frey, President of Marketing at Best Practices Inc. exclaims,

Institutionalize (the) referral process so that it happens consistently. Give an incentive for your customer or client to give you a referral. Then start watching the referrals pour in.