How to Renew an Insurance License

Need to renew your insurance license?  As a multiple state licensing and renewal provider, Sircon offers online licensing renewal services that allows you to electronically submit renewal applications to each state you need to renew.

Step 1

Visit, and click on “Learn more about our products for agents” located in the red “Individual Agents” box.Sircon Online


Click on the link “Renew your license” on the left side of the page located under the Quick Links menu. Read More

How to Apply for an Insurance License

Applying for an insurance license has become easier to do as most states now provide for online licensing.  As a multiple state licensing provider, Sircon  offers online licensing services that provides you with a quick and efficient online application process in order to obtain your insurance license.

Step 1

Visit, and click on “Learn more about our products for agents” located in the red “Individual Agents” application


Once there, click on “Apply for a license” located on the left side of the page under the Quick Links menu. Read More

The Benefits of Online Learning (e-learning)

The working class America of today can be characterized as being overly stressed and overworked.  The average worker spends more time at work now than in the past, leading to valuing the concept of time and becoming more efficient in the use of it.  Thus, the trend of online learning is increasing to further an education, acquire a new degree, or attain a government required license.  As Stephen Smith, Professor at Purdue University has stated,

They (workers) value control over and flexibility in scheduling their time.

The reality is that in order to exceed in today’s working economy, individuals must become more flexible and take more initiative towards their success.  In doing so, acquiring a degree or furthering one’s education to increase the ability to earn a higher income has become a task best fulfilled online.

Of the multiple reasons why online learning has become a more popular method of advancing in education, a few main reasons include:

  • Convenience
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Time effectiveness
  • Concentrated educational focus vs group learning flow Read More

Insurable Interest

The Purpose of Insurance

An important topic insurance training covers is the function of an insurance company and the legal construction of an insurance policy.  Insurance is a form of ‘risk management’ used to protect the financial well-being of an individual, company, or other entity in the event of unexpected financial loss.  While health, life, and disability insurance provides a financial safety net against the unexpected financial loss associated with illness, disability, or death, the goal of an insurance company is to maintain profitability for it’s shareholders.

Risk Protection

Some small risks can be managed with personal or company finances; however, larger, more catastrophic expenses are best handled by transferring the risk to an insurance company.  The insurer will assume the cost resulting from the insured’s risks, and in exchange, the insurer charges a monthly premium (monthly payment) to the insured.  This is accomplished by purchasing an ‘insurance policy.’

An insurance policy is a binding agreement designed to protect against financial loss, and as a legal contract, it reflects the insurer’s responsibilities of covering such loss.

A life insurance policy is designed to pay a stated sum to the designated policy beneficiary in the unlikely event that the insured dies within the policy’s coverage period.  A health insurance policy is designed to indemnify an insured for medical treatment in the event of an accident, illness, or disease.  And a disability insurance policy is designed to indemnify an insured by replacing lost income during a time of disability.  In all cases, Indemnity refers to the insurance proceeds that are paid to the insured or beneficiary in the event of a loss. 

Insurable Interest

The legality of any insurance policy is based on the concept of insurable interest.  In other words, in order to obtain insurance, an ‘interest’ must exist between two parties where one party has the potential to suffer a loss in the event that a particular outcome occurs (which was covered by the insurance policy). Read More