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Understanding High Risk Life Insurance


As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power.”  When it comes to life insurance, the more knowledge and experience you have, the better you will be able to serve your potential clients and gain an edge over the competition.  Many agents shy away from high risk life insurance simply because they don’t have the knowledge to properly serve the client.  In this blog post I’ll be discussing what high risk life insurance is, what options your clients might have and I’ll be giving you some tips so that you can carve out a niche for yourself and be successful placing high risk life insurance cases.

What is High Risk Life Insurance

Life insurance companies typically have 4 main health ratings – ranging from Preferred Plus, Preferred, Standard Plus to Standard. Factors such as height/weight, cholesterol, blood pressure and family history of heart disease or cancer are just a few of the components that determine which health rating applicants could receive.  The better the health rating, the better the price for life insurance.

High risk life insurance, also known as impaired risk, refers to cases where an individual would not qualify for regular life insurance, even for a standard health rating.  Typically, this category of life insurance is reserved if a person has a pre-existing condition.  It could be something less serious, such as diabetes, or something more serious like heart disease. Read More