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The Importance of Life Insurance

When planning for the future, there is perhaps no single product more important than life insurance. Whether it’s to cover current debts and liabilities, or to provide surviving loved ones with a source of supplemental income, life insurance is a source of sanity and fiscal stability that helps millions of families stay afloat each year after a loved one has unexpectedly passed away.

Estate Taxes and Planning: When Life Insurance Becomes Essential

The usefulness of life insurance doesn’t become obvious to many people until they begin to plan their estate and they learn about the potential taxes, expenses, and fees that will be incurred by their spouse, children, and others, after they have passed away. Life insurance helps to offset or eliminate those costs by using its payout to the beneficiary as a main source of income and inheritance. The amount of the benefit paid out to the life insurance beneficiary can help offset estate planning fees, asset distribution fees, and more. Read More